What have you got to lose?

In today's changing world, it is critical to stay up-to-date and make sure you are secured. How well are you doing when it comes down to securing your IT infrastructure?

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We always stay with our clients and analyse their business. We deliver 100% and provide instant response to help them secure their assets in constantly changing and challenging world.
Security Audit

Audits including procedures, software architecture, source code, configuration reviews and vulnerability assessment.

Penetration Test / Red Team

Security testing of IT/OT/IoT/SCADA. For both infrastructure and applications including web, mobile and client-server.

Research & Development

Wide experience in identifying security vulnerabilities & to conduct targeted security research for software/IT/OT/IoT devices.

What have you got to lose?
Even the smallest has
always something to protect

More and more companies and organizations, large and small, are being hit by cyber attacks. There are probably already a lot of security measures in your IT infrastructure. Are these measures sufficient? Are these measures sufficient? Have your IT infrastructure analyed.

Detailed Report

The findings of the analysis are bundled in a detailed report. Possible improvements are immediately presented.

Check Periodically

The IT infrastructure is constantly changing. It's best to check periodically the security of your assets. (eg once a year).

The only ultimate choice for your security checks
  • We perform a controlled real life evaluation and pentest
  • We evaluates your websites for security weaknesses
  • We ensure full transparency, openness and clarity
  • We evaluates the effectiveness of your security & education program
  • We ensure a 360 Degree view of risks
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It is not only our work, but also our passion

We are a team providing expert technical services in the security field

Thanks to our unique skill set in both offense and defense we are able to deliver more effective real-life attack simulations as well as detect them due to the fact that we are well trained in methods and tools used by real attackers.

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What we always do during every security project


Analysis & interpretation

This will give you a complete view of your IT infrastructure's security.


Presentation & recommendations

we will provide a complete and detailed presentation of the reporty.

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